AwesomeChess Game

Chess game made in Lua using the Löve2D game framework.

Mining and Analysing Publicity of Operating Systems on Twitter

First year project on Computer Science. Our subject was Social Networks Information Retrieving and Analysis. The report is a study on how data from Twitter can be used to analyse publicity and popularity of operating systems.

Implementation of KeyPathwayMiner in R

My bachelor thesis was about making a tool, made for analysis of biological networks, available as an R package. The project was not a direct implementation/port of KeyPathwayMiner, but rather an interface using the underlying core of KeyPathwayMiner. The package is not available to the public at the time of writing.

Ninja Castle Game Project

A project for the DM842 Computer Game Programming course at The University of Southern Denmark in the fall of 2017. The goal was to make a King of the Hill game, 3D platform style.

From Asatru to Christianity (danish)

A history exam project I wrote back in 2013 about the transition from Asatru/germanic neopaganism to Christianity in Denmark. I was given top-grade for the project, and since it seems to get some visits from time to time, I'll leave it here.